Our favourite four (and sometimes six) piece from Wellington are recording a live EP!

As if releasing a stunning album at the beginning of 2018 wasn’t enough, The Frank Burkitt Band are also giving themselves the challenge of performing and recording a brand new EP – live to an audience. In 2019 they embark on the largest and most ambitious tour so far, taking on three countries – NZ, Australia and the UK, for six months! It makes sense to have a perfect example of this live show to take on the road with them.

Tickets are currently available for this stellar evening, and you can grab them over here.¬†Friday 2nd November is the date to have in your head, and the show is at Vogelmorn Hall. They’re bringing in a film team, a production team and going all out to make this an evening to remember. There’ll be new songs, old songs, hilarious banter, scripted banter, maybe some songs played twice – WHO KNOWS! But whatever happens it will be recorded for everyone to enjoy.

To make this a night to truly remember, Louis Thompson Munn (keys) and Oscar Laven (horns) are joining them! Two of the hottest musicians in the jazz scene in Wellington, who feature in countless bands and occasionally appear for the biggest and best evenings with the Frank Burkitt band. This isn’t one to miss!

Oh, it’s also BYO.

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