Indie-folk artist Mel Parsons will release her fourth studio album GLASS HEART on 30th November.

Today she gives fans another taste of what’s to come on the record with the release of Blame.

The Kiwi singer and songwriter has today also announced a three-date GLASS HEART album tour, which will see her and her band play Meow in Wellington on December 5; Anthology Lounge in Auckland on December 6 and LAF in Christchurch on December 8. Tickets are available here.

Following on from the release of the album’s first official single ‘I Got The Lonely’, ‘Blame’ is a mournful track, laced with the echo of lost potential.

“’Blame’ is confronting and comforting at the same time… it’s a really sad song, maybe one of the darkest I’ve written,” says Parsons of the song.

The song kicks off the 10-track GLASS HEART, laying the foundations for a bold and beautifully crafted body of work, which sees Parsons revealing a darker, fuller sound.

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