‘How much would you be willing to give?” Fullbrook asks point-blank in ‘How Much’, ahead of woozily discordant strings and a stomping neo-psychedelic rhythm. The lyric brims with imagery of supermarket breakdowns, lilos, snarks and silos while an anthemic guitar hook soars throughout. Not content to leave the song at a stable conclusion, a thumping ‘I am the Walrus’-esque bass outro propels the track boomerang-style back to a space of adroit experimentation.

The accompanying video was filmed on location at Titirangi’s beautiful Lopdell Theatre.  Director Charlotte Evans experimented with real time projections as well as shooting through textured glass and using theatre spotlighting. The concept for the video draws inspiration from abstract music video’s like Laurie Anderson’s O Superman, and the opening and closing shots were inspired by Hollie’s surreal experience watching a Neil Young video at David Lynch’s home cinema.

In celebration of the ‘How Much’ release, Tiny Ruins will be playing Christchurch, Auckland and Wellington as the full band line up late October – early November. Tickets are available now through undertheradar.co.nz.

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